Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Warrior Wednesday, yes you are a warrior and you wear your armor well!

When I think of a warrior I immediately think of someone who is brave, and of course for me, my soldier, my son is always my first thought at all times. Yet, other than a soldier, a warrior is an individual who exemplifies those characteristics, such as great vigor, courage and aggressiveness while fighting for a cause, for awareness, someone who has or is accomplishing multiple tasks set toward making a difference.  Someone who refuses to stay seated when met with adversity, someone who speaks the words “I can and I will”. Someone whose mindset is to cross seemingly never ending valleys and climb mountains, someone who dreams harder, bigger, broader, someone who doesn’t let a challenge discourage them, someone who is determined, someone who believes in the power of positivity, yet confronts the negativity but refuses to acknowledge it, "cause ain’t nobody got time for that", someone whose motivation is to encourage and inspire.

I applaud you on this Warrior Wednesday, stay committed, stay steadfast, let's keep pushing . . . Sometimes we have to consider in order for us to change mindsets and this world around us, we have to change what is in us.


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