Saturday, November 7, 2015

Social "Experiment" is age just a number???

So I decided to do a social experiment based on some information I viewed earlier in the day. Sorry guys this is for the women only,  next time we'll focus on you, promise!

Anyway ladies, in viewing this information I read, it lead me to talk about hitting those various stages in our lives. You know, leaping into the twinkling "20's" the thriving 30's, flirting with our 40's and hitting that feeling fabulous at 50 stage with everything we have. At this stage in our lives, 50, I personally know there are a lot of things that change in this era.  For me I'm less tolerant, yet I lean more toward positivity and I'm motivated to the 100th thousand power when it comes to my journey,  my passion and my purpose! I think at this stage we're more concerned about living life, building character and yea, believe it or not, having goals. 

At 50 you've lived half a century (I know, that sounds so archaic) but really, it isn't.  We've been there and done that, literally! We earnestly have no time to hone in on negativity. Now, in saying this, I can't possibly chalk this up to every 50 year old, we're all not there, and certainly not all there at the same time. We can agree to disagree on this one . . .

But life, relationships, goals are different at 20/40/50 or are they? 

This social experiment is to find out where you are  or what you think about your stage in life or is age really just a number?

I love to hear from you and update the blog with your individual perceptions when it comes to age, pertaining to relationships, life goals etc. as to where you are or see yourself in life . . .

Let's talk about it! Oh yea, and you can post anonymously or you can send your comments to me and I'll post them for you or you can be open about how you feel, but please keep it PG. 

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