Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Back Story . . .

I’ve written books that pertain to everyday life. My books span the world of many devastating truths, truths that seem to plague society on a whole. However entertaining my books may be there’s a teachable lesson in each of them. Think about a Juicy Story, Juicillene Joseph aka "Juicy” grew up in an environment surrounded by family. She was the product of a “practical” household, mother, father, sister and brother. Although dysfunctional in the sense of her father being an abusive alcoholic and her brother a well-known drug dealer. In the beginning she seemed to handle the desertion of her father after an intense argument, but it was her brother’s withdrawal from the family that haunted her the most. His departure is what eventually initiated the negative impact on her life, causing her to become involved in a life full of disorder, from addiction to prostitution and the most devastating of all the loss of a child. The ending however will/shall shock you.

When I wrote Delusional, yes I was thinking of revenge. The male character, Randall, portrayed himself as this good looking, popular young man who had everything together, and he did. Except he never knew how long she waited to put her well thought out plan into play. No way was she going to let him live a happy and productive life. He never saw it coming, and it wasn’t until the pieces began to form a complete puzzle where he finally figured out why she had gone to so much trouble to ruin him. The question is . . . did she?

The novel I wrote which really ignited the creative juices is Everything Necessary. WOW, Alexis true to form was perfect. Now she had everything, brains, beauty and a positive outlook on life. Her optimistic viewpoint is what sparked her passion in becoming an attorney, defending, protecting and supporting others. Yet through the viewpoint of a defense attorney, Alexis was introduced to the “dark side”, an attractive side her heart desired, and soon after became part of. Did she make the biggest mistake of her life?

A Gift of Sunshine, a novel I never knew I had in me. The story captured the obstacles of life, the road no one wants to travel, but unfortunately they do. Nia’s pure and virtuous childhood was infected by a family member’s unnatural desire. Although this story is met with many hindrances, it is the triumph and the love that conquers all. The journey is difficult as the darkness plagues her, but when the sun finally reveals itself, the gift is conveyed in the most loving way.

Join me in my next blog as I introduce to you, Once Upon A Place in Time, The Rebirth. What would you do if a life you once lived, a life long ago resurfaces? You are plagued with the persistence of your past life through visions, through a sense of touch, a sense of love, a sense of desire . . . Yes, what would you do . . . This is no ordinary story, but a story which will surprise you and tempt you into wanting more . . . Can you feel it, can you sense it, can you see it?