Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Truthful Tuesday

Everyday I'm thinking of new and creative ways to motivate and encourage people and hopefully that's what I'm doing, because as I encourage and motivate you, I do the same for me.  Today is Truthful Tuesday and you might be asking yourself, what does that mean?  For me Truthful Tuesday is being transparent, living in your truth.  So here it goes, my Truth on this Tuesday is that I struggle, not in the psychological or physical sense, but more so emotionally.  I think most people are afraid to admit to the emotional struggle, afraid of what people might think of you or how to "handle" you. First and foremost, no one wants to be handled, sometimes it's just about the release of emotions, the outpouring of passion, excitement and or emotional breakdowns which believe it or not, can be healthy. I've learned that crying is healthy and beneficial to your psyche.  It is a way to release whatever deep pain or sadness you may be experiencing. 

Have you cried, I mean really cried, the ugly cry, the cry that may last several minutes or longer, so long that it becomes extremely exhausting? Yet, you feel better afterwards, you feel lighter in a sense, something overcomes you and that overwhelming emotional outburst can either put you to sleep or create a space that centers you and gives you a moment to collect whatever it is they may have put you in that mindset, sometimes even calming you. Well it's okay, it's healthy and we shouldn't feel guilty about it or weak in any sense of the word which induces those emotions. We tend to be harder on ourselves than we need to be when it comes to our emotions, afraid of being judged by those that we call family or friends when the emotional outburst occurs. But if they're truly your friends and or family, those that love you through your ugly cry and your struggle in or around whatever hour it is, then you can be truthful and transparent with them whenever you feel the urge to simple shed tears during your expression of distress.

My truthful Tuesday is that every day is not a perfect day, I am not perfect, I struggle, yet I have to find something in me that pushes me to the next level, that reminds me that I have an obligation to myself first and then to others, I struggle at times, what is your Truthful Tuesday?


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