Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wasteful Wednesday, personally I don’t have time to waste; life is too short to be sitting back being wasteful with the things we’ve been blessed with.  I don’t have the energy in this stage of my life to waste “my pretty” either, like my girl Demetria Lucas often speaks about.  Being careless about those things from your inner beauty and the purpose placed on your life can be detrimental to your well-being, to your business, to your psyche, to your finances, friendships and so many other things in which we value.

To expand upon those things in which are important to you we must first discard of those that have outlived their purpose in our lives, the very thing that we no longer have use for.  Can we honestly say that we treasure something that is buried so deep in a drawer or closet that you have forgotten its existence?  We have to be more discipline in everything that we do, not just in business but in our relationships/friendships.  There are people in our lives that have a special place; a corner in our hearts and have ventured into our very souls. Those are the people that care for us, the people that will go the distance with us, those that won’t jump ship once the boat gets a little rocky and those same individuals that'll stay on the train even when it’s stalled.  Don’t mistake them for the ones that are only meant to pass through your life. Don’t waste time by diving into the pain of what was meant to be and end up missing all the good and fabulous people or things you were headed toward.

We can no longer squander what is important to us.  This also pertains to our minds.  If we are not using the very thing that can produce the greatest value, then yes, you are being wasteful. We have to find a way to slow down our thinking process, revaluating our thoughts and analyzing each one while manifesting powerful decisions , decisions that shape our lives. 

Let us make good judgements in our lives that will produce excellent results and no wasteful thoughts shall arise.

#WastefulWednesdayHHC #Sheshereforit

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Trouble Free Tuesday, have you ever truly known trouble free? Meaning there wasn’t or isn’t a worry in the world or at least you weren’t letting another person get under your skin, causing you trouble, strife or pain.  But to be honest it’s hard to live a trouble free life right? It’s stated as something we are not guaranteed. Yet we may be apt to finding that trouble free existence and retreat in our own minds. A place where we are free in our thoughts unbothered by the troubles that find their way to our front doors often disguised as friends or associates.  And sometimes, please believe, just being a good person doesn’t mean you get to live a trouble free life.  The obstacles are still there, very wide and extremely deep.  

It's so easy for us to think in life that because we are trying to live our lives right and do good things that nothing bad should happen to us and all should be trouble free. But no that’s not it. Sometimes the very best people, you and me, have the worst trials and tribulations in life. Truthfully speaking, every single one of us will be, and are vulnerable to facing hard times. You nor I are exempt from it. And when you observe or hear of someone going through a bad time, never think they deserve it. And yes, there are those of us who may make bad choices and decisions in life, but in a lot of situations the person did nothing wrong and it is not up to us to judge them. In all actuality we have to give people the benefit of the doubt and hope the best for them in their situation.

In the same breathe, we as people, need to find ways in removing ourselves from anger and conflict that may surround us, and at the same time, try and be the bigger person in situations which may occur.  It is a show of strength, of great character and true understanding while setting an examples to others and one of the most courageous steps to take in being trouble free.

#TroublefreeTuesdayHHC #Sheshereforit

Monday, January 29, 2018

Manifest Monday, now this is powerful! Manifest is defined as obvious, clear, apparent and evident. It is glaring and explicit, transparent and for me it is unmistakable.  In other words let us choose what this Monday Manifestation will be.  We will make the decision to live our best life, we will choose to love unconditionally, removing all the negatives from our minds, those things that cause us heartache. We can choose this Monday to embrace our strength which shapes our character, defines our state of mind and emotes a quality of value and worth. 

On Manifest Monday let us be thankful for the blessings we have. I think sometimes we forget about those things that we’ve been provided whether big or small, they are blessings.  On this Manifest Monday be focused, be mindful, be appreciative and be thoughtful in whatever capacity you can.  Be purposeful in your intentions. Choose to make space in your lives that will manifest your goals and your desires.  Be intentional in  your thoughts as they too will become visible.

Manifest your destiny and work for it. Be excited about what you see, accept your ability to manifest it, act and behave as if it’s already manifested, and allow it to happen. Believe you have the influence to manifest, to create and to live a life of unbelievable abundance in whatever that may be. We have the ability to do whatever it is that we desire just as long as we dig deep into ourselves and believe in every step that we take. Your purpose is  truly your reality and it is meant to endure for as long as you require.

#ManifestMondayHHC #Sheshereforit

Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday Focus – It’s chess not checkers! I guess you’re wondering what exactly does that mean, well in the game of chess it takes complete focus while checkers is quick and is played by diagonal moves, but chess, it’s a thinkers game, it takes precision and skill, same as life. 

Focus is about the quality and producing a clear visual of what we want, what we desire and what we’re looking to accomplish.  But most importantly we have to stay focused on our past successes, rather than our past failures in life.  Remember fear has no future (I made that one up and I trust and believe it). 

Everyone is so stuck on making it to the end, the destination, and forget to focus on the journey, the path that were taking and the lessons we’re learning along the way, those lessons which mold our lives. Focus your conscious mind on things we desire and not things we fear. Don’t get distracted by the overwhelming chit chatter, words that have no meaning and serve no purpose at all. Why not choose to focus your time and energy around individuals who inspire you, those with the same mindset, people who support and encourage your journey and help to grow you into your happiest, healthiest, strongest and wisest self.  And above all, don't let anyone discourage you from your goals and your purpose. Stay focused cause I’m definitely here for it, what about you?


Thursday, January 25, 2018

Throwback Thursday - 

How many of us enjoy the nostalgia of a throwback? the time when things were quite different and to some aspect exciting and even easier, a memory that would last a lifetime. The idea of a throwback is fun, but it also expresses how far we’ve come in our individual lives, in business and social connections.  It reveals the progress that we’ve made and the pride in whatever goals we've accomplished thus far. 

Looking back at our memories, good or bad,  definitely exposes great learning experiences and lessons which have prepared us for today. With a throwback we will remember the fear that we attempted to overcome that tells us that this too shall pass. A return to an earlier time provides a random thought of happiness, unfortunately misery or just a brief, spontaneous moment where we might smile, laugh or even cry. Either way, a memory is a part of who we were, a time of reflection, recollection and redirection, reflecting upon the moment, recalling the day and time and redirecting our focus to something in  which we will achieve. A time where we can reminisce.

Overall our memories become our foundation in life, a glimpse back helps us to recognize God’s blessing in our lives with great anticipation to His blessings in the future.  With every memory we’re creating a legacy, a family tradition to pass on.

We all should be beyond grateful to have had all those moments and memories to reflect back on reminding us that life is a journey, one that should be lived with those we make the most memories with where we’ll get the chance to learn who we are and the possibilities of tomorrow, due to a resemblance of our former selves.


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Worthwhile Wednesday, well here we are at the middle of the week . . .


Worthwhile is a reflection of yourself, asking if you’re worthy. Okay, so we all know that nothing worthwhile happens overnight, we have to be consistent with it, with great determination and grit, trusting it’ll be all worthwhile.

We have to undoubtedly know what we want with an understanding that we deserve it, every bit of it, even if it scares us to death.  Yet, if you can see it visually, I mean really see it for what it should be and the revelation of it taking place and how it’ll turn out, then you’ll know it’s worth it.

In the process of obtaining that worthwhile thing, it’s going to be tough. At times it’ll feel unattainable and so far away and you may catch hell in the process of trying to secure it.  But you’ll achieve it, just as long as you remind yourself that you are worthy of it. For some, their worthwhile mission is to serve others, for others it may be about the personal goals in which they're reaching for, it may be about the personal gains in our lives, your focus may be love, or developing a worthwhile relationship and or friendship, a job or a career that you've always wanted, or those things that we dreamt about becoming as young children, whatever it is make sure it is important to you in order for you to do something extraordinary with it.

And remember the effort that we put forth in the midst of the struggle will produce the results and the victory we’re looking for, and the accomplishments we desire will last longer than we've ever imagined.


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Transformation Tuesday, often when we hear the word transformation, the impression usually is geared toward weight, individuals who have transformed their bodies with healthy eating habits, being fit and exercising. Yet we all know that transformation has many designations.  
How about the transformation of one’s thought process, eliminating the negative in our lives and replacing it with positivity or by making different choices in life? Transformation is about the Before and the After.  Change or transformation starts with our thoughts.

For me, transformation has always been about reassessing myself and then taking the action that is necessary to remolding or redefining who I am to achieve those things in which I was born to do. Yet all the while, remembering to stay focused on the small changes that can lead to a complete transformation because nothing happens overnight.  I’ve never considered myself perfect, none of us are, truthfully it’s not about that, perfection isn’t an attainable goal or realistic for me.  Transforming one’s self is about the effort that you put forth where change occurs gradually.  

Sometimes we have to look back at where we started to understand where we are now and the transformation that has occurred in the course of life.

Now I’m going to get a little personal. I was once a very shy individual, sometimes withdrawn to a certain extent and those that know me very well know this detail about me. During this time in my life as a young person and even into adulthood, I’d say nothing, didn’t speak much about anything and wasn’t interested in very much either. I kept my inner thoughts to myself and there were times where people considered that to be arrogant/conceited. But like I said, I was an extreme introvert, although, little by little I came out of my shell, but not completely. I know that’s hard to believe when you look at me now, but yes, that was indeed who I was. However, when my life took a drastic change due to trauma, that’s when the transformation really started, that’s when I began to change the person I was to the person I am now, with the understanding there was a purpose and charge over my life and the option to sit back and do nothing would not have been the right choice to make, considering the sacrifice made.

When people are faced with personal tragedy they are drawn to things that transform the inner person, it changes them emotional, physically, spiritually and even psychologically, and I can tell you that anyone who has suffered a personal tragedy in their lives will talk about their transformation and things they’ve decided to do differently. 

Transformation is a process and as we go through life there will always be the ups and downs, the peaks and the valleys but as long as we recognize them, little by little , we can transform ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually from the inside out.


Monday, January 22, 2018

Motivational Monday, before I even get started let me just say, we’re so blessed to have the opportunity to see another day!! Amen . . . This Motivational Monday means a new Monday, New week and New Goals to set! Motivation starts at the beginning of the week, therefore we’re starting off right. When it comes to getting results it takes motivation and ability along with leadership qualities.

Let us motivate ourselves to work harder even if you’re not in the mood today. Those of us who are striving to be the best in whatever capacity, do so with a sense of urgency. Some people truly dread Mondays because it’s the beginning of the work week, instantly feeling overwhelmed. But instead what if we treat Monday as a way to be enthusiastic and motivated about our goals.  Let us be motivated to find our passion, motivated to learn to laugh at ourselves once in a while, motivated to start your business, becoming an entrepreneur, motivated to make an effort towards something in your life that you've been putting off, motivated to helping people and enjoying every minute of it. Let us not miss the opportunities that are right in front of us by being less driven.

Let us be motivated in showing the qualities that will get us from point A to point B, qualities such as persistence, being a self-starter, having a sense of accountability for things in our life, while staying committed to achieving results. Monday Motivation is simply the desire to do things different.  Staying motivated with the right attitude can take you a long way in life.  We should come up with ways to inspire and empower others to do their very best and the only way for us to accomplish this is to move, to get up and to keep going, be the model that others can see and be strengthened by.

Motivate yourself to bringing your dreams into reality . . . #MotivationMondayHHC

Friday, January 19, 2018

I think from my own personal experiences it was always very difficult for me to forgive people,  although that could come from being a Capricorn, due to the fact that one of our characteristics is that we hold grudges, yet we’re also the most determined.  Holding grudges and not forgiving those who have done us wrong can carry a heavy weight. It poisons our very soul and restrains us in moving forward.

As the human species, we are very self-preserving, defense of one’s self.  When we’re wronged, we want everybody, I mean everybody to know about it. Who the person is, the wrong that they did, how that did it, where they did it, how it made us feel and the fact that we’re never going to speak to them again. We want the person responsible to pay for their “indiscretion” therefore we’re usually prepared to go to any length to get them to do so.  And all of it may seem valid to you at that very moment, and maybe a little after, and you want that wrongdoer to suffer your consequences, but honestly is it really worth your psychological well-being? For me, I’m going to say no, but others may beg to differ when it comes to forgiveness and forgiving those that have done them wrong.

Now, this is for me, some may agree and others may not. But personally, I really don’t have time to harbor bad feelings and hold on to something that is leaning, literally pushing against my heart, causing me to feel bad when the other person may not even be aware of the situation of me being angry and they’re out here living their life to the fullest and I’m walking around here in a funk, upset at the world.

And who has time for that?

Forgiveness is a characteristic of strength, did you know that? It has to be, because it takes a substantial amount of bravery to move on from a situation that may have caused you a great amount of pain. In forgiving that person, you let go of the hold they have on you and it’ll make your life a whole lot happier.  I need peace of mind in my life, and I also need to know how to forgive myself in certain situations and I can’t do that if I can’t forgive others. I want to you understand forgiving someone doesn’t mean that what they may have done is okay, and it doesn’t mean that the person should still be welcomed into your life, it just means, that you have made peace with whatever it is that they may have done, giving you the chance to focus on something more positive in your life.

With that being said, remember I am a Capricorn, on the cusp of Aquarius and I will admit, I’m still in the baby stages of this forgiveness thing, it is a process for sure, but I’m no longer crawling in the process of forgiveness, I’m walking now, a little unsteady, but I’m walking and soon I will be motivated enough to run as I hope you will too, or maybe you already have.


Thursday, January 18, 2018

What do you thrive on? Some of us thrive on confidence, a self-reliant assurance of doing something that is intentional and unselfish, an obligation to one’s self and others. Some of us thrive on obstacles, meaning you don’t let hurdles stop you, you thrive on someone telling you it can’t be done, but yet you get it done and succeed at it well!

There are others who thrive on positivity; we push through and aside those negative thoughts, words and people to ensure we have positive outcomes, energy, ideas and well-being.   Then there are those of us who may thrive on the environment or a space that provides tranquility, or sometimes an increased amount of action which allows us to create and or become who we are, or meant to be. Some thrive independently, working well alone and without interruption where their minds are permitted to move in dimensions we are unable to appreciate, or maybe you’re that person that Thrives on being a Better You.  Not just surviving, but thriving physically, mentally and emotionally, surrounding yourself with people who challenge you and motivate you to keep moving forward, toward your goals in life.

Although your choice to thrive in various situations can feel more challenging than simply surviving, remember you’re nurturing your soul, turning a crisis into an opportunity which will eventually aid you in every aspect of life. We have to always remember to treat ourselves first with kindness, then support, and then encouragement in which you will be available and able to offer others that same kindness, support and encouragement.

To thrive is to build you up and cheer yourself on.  In the words of Maya Angelou “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Worthy Wednesday, have you ever asked yourself are you worthy enough? I know at times I have, especially when things, situations and secrets are entrusted to me. But in addition to that if there’s a blessing I receive or recognition for a good cause, yes I have question those things. I question if I’ve shown proper character in my life, have I acted in such a way that deserves whatever it is that is being bestowed upon me and I have demonstrated what others may have considered deemed worthy?  But ultimately who makes that judgement, us or others? Well, actually it’s us.

Listen, we do not have to be stalled by self-judgement. Our problem is that we take it upon ourselves to pass “self-judgement”, we announce “I am not worthy” we construct barriers to progress and create barricades that prevent us in moving forward and we have a tendency to compare ourselves with others.  We tend to compare our weakness with someone else’s strongest. Comparing yourself to someone else can be destructive and it only reinforces the fear that we don’t measure up, therefore we perceive we are not as worthy as the next person. And that's not true, at all. You are worthy, you are gorgeous, handsome, special and exceptional and not every person is the same, we are all very different from each other. We all possess different and unique gifts and drive in various lanes (metaphor). Your path is one that is yours and yours alone and that is what makes you worthy.

Inside of each of us we have the value and added knowledge to help us to begin the practice of becoming worthy to reach whatever goal we wish to achieve and desire in life.  

YOU ARE WORTHY #WorthyWednesdayHHC

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Testimony Tuesday, Testimony can mean testimony in a court of law, as if you’re a witness about to give your testimony under oath and in response to an interrogation by a lawyer or authorized public official. But that’s not what I’m talking about today, although bearing witness to someone’s spiritual testimony can be somewhat similar.  Tuesday Testimony in this case is a testimony of self-reflection, life’s challenges and life’s fulfillments. Everyone, yes everyone’s testimony is powerful as it is about your own personal transformation.  The concept of testimony Tuesday, is to create an environment where we learn from one another as well as offer encouragement in regard to our testimonies.  Overall, it is freeing in a way. It also speaks to the lives we touch through our testimony. I believe that our lives are a testimony of musical lyrics and notes, of quotes, poetry and our trust in a higher power, God.

We when express our testimony it gives meaning to our lives, and our lives grow in each step and is the power of Faith and Hope. We all know there is no testimony without the test.  Speak your testimony in front of others, someone is always waiting to hear from you to know that there is a way out, or a way in. You can also expose your testimony in your walk, meaning the way you live your life, the person you become and the path that you take after whatever challenges you may have had to face. 

Remember that your Testimony is your encounter with God and the part He will always play in your life. Without Him we are nothing, but with Him we are everything He desires us to be.


Monday, January 15, 2018

Mental Health Monday, Now this is a true statement in which we can all relate to.  There are so many times that we get preoccupied in our own thoughts and concerns and issues, so much so that we become overwhelmed causing our own depressive state.  We get caught up in the judgmental world and controlled by what others think of us, in turn having us feeling destructive.  We live in a society that plagues our thoughts regarding body issues and or successes. We become so overly involved that we forget to take time out for ourselves and our mental health. With that being said, you may get people that will say "He or She is doing too much" okay and what is doing too much mean to them? is it because someone finds pleasure in being busy and is that a bad thing? For some it may be, they may require some time to breathe and to step back from everything and just relax.

But being busy can be a good/great thing sometimes. Although balance may apply to this too; and honestly what is a person's definition of busy exactly. I think, as it pertains to a lot of us, doing too much can be therapeutic, it tends to take my/our minds off of things and this tends to relax me/us. But hey, we're all different people, aren't we?

Yet mental health can be designed and communicated as a state of well-being, a place where each individual realizes each owns potential, a place of possibility where they can cope with normal stresses of life, where they can work productively and fruitfully and able to make a genuine contribution to their community.

We have to become self-love advocates, be a model for someone else who may be observing you, living our best life to inspire someone else. If you become preoccupied in your thoughts, issues and concerns we should take the time out to not focus on the issue, but focus on the solution. And if you're that person that requires to step back and relax, than do it, read a book or go see a movie. But if you're that person that finds pleasure in being busy and that's your technique to relax, than so be it and disregard what others have to say. No matter how much we do and whether we are consistently going or not is definitely something that doesn't define us. Yes, we will have busy days. That’s life! It's up to you and you alone to determine what works best for you on this Mental Health Monday.


Friday, January 12, 2018

Freedom Friday, today is the day to be free to love yourself unconditionally, love yourself from the inside out, it's so much better. Don't be concerned how others may judge you on this Freedom Friday because there is only one who can judge you.  Be proud of everything you are and all that you will become. Choose happiness today, joy, choose life and embrace it. Surround yourself with people, friends and or family that give you freedom to be you, someone who lets you have complete freedom to be yourself.

Adore who you are today and walk down a brighter path on this Freedom Friday, your journey is valuable, but trusting your abilities in whatever they are, and your self worth can truly empower you and in turn empower someone else. Transform that fear you may be feeling and step into freedom.

On Freedom Friday, be aware and conscious as you tap into your independent power freeing and birthing change. We are all set on making our lives perfect but why not give yourself the choice to make your life an adventure. Use your creative freedom today to make a difference, to do something outside of the ordinary and the mundane, be the champion you were born to be.

Freedom Friday, be free


Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thankful Thursday, in all actuality this can be defined in so many different ways in showing and expressing gratitude. Thankfulness makes sense of our past, carries harmony for today, and creates a revelation for tomorrow.

First and foremost there is no way in the world we can go through life without being thankful.  Thankful to be alive only touches the surface. I'm sure when any of us wake up in the morning, before our feet touch the floor, we give thanks to God for another day to live and the strength to continue, and if we had a million/trillion tongues we all know, it wouldn't be enough.

Am I talking right? definitely . . .

We should be grateful for all we have, in order to receive more, but if we continue to concentrate on what we don't have, we will never obtain it. Being grateful/thankful just doesn't make you feel like a better person, it's good for you overall. For a long time I often tried to do things on my own, but who in the world was I fooling, it would've never evolved to anything without others who believed in me. Therefore, I am thankful for all those individuals in my life, friends and family who helped to get me to the next level, "level up", who supported whatever the cause, whatever the creator set forth as my purpose in life. You and they were here for me. You understood the struggle and the dream, big or small, you were there. Therefore, thank those who got you to the next level, who encouraged you, who supported you, who was there when the going was good and even when it wasn't.

We as well need to take the time to thank those who may have doubted us, yes, they helped to shape that dream by driving it into reality. They forced us to work harder and better. Regardless of the inherent or current level of someone's gratitude, it's a quality that each of us can successfully cultivate further as thankfulness reveals the richness of our lives.


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Warrior Wednesday, yes you are a warrior and you wear your armor well!

When I think of a warrior I immediately think of someone who is brave, and of course for me, my soldier, my son is always my first thought at all times. Yet, other than a soldier, a warrior is an individual who exemplifies those characteristics, such as great vigor, courage and aggressiveness while fighting for a cause, for awareness, someone who has or is accomplishing multiple tasks set toward making a difference.  Someone who refuses to stay seated when met with adversity, someone who speaks the words “I can and I will”. Someone whose mindset is to cross seemingly never ending valleys and climb mountains, someone who dreams harder, bigger, broader, someone who doesn’t let a challenge discourage them, someone who is determined, someone who believes in the power of positivity, yet confronts the negativity but refuses to acknowledge it, "cause ain’t nobody got time for that", someone whose motivation is to encourage and inspire.

I applaud you on this Warrior Wednesday, stay committed, stay steadfast, let's keep pushing . . . Sometimes we have to consider in order for us to change mindsets and this world around us, we have to change what is in us.


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Truthful Tuesday

Everyday I'm thinking of new and creative ways to motivate and encourage people and hopefully that's what I'm doing, because as I encourage and motivate you, I do the same for me.  Today is Truthful Tuesday and you might be asking yourself, what does that mean?  For me Truthful Tuesday is being transparent, living in your truth.  So here it goes, my Truth on this Tuesday is that I struggle, not in the psychological or physical sense, but more so emotionally.  I think most people are afraid to admit to the emotional struggle, afraid of what people might think of you or how to "handle" you. First and foremost, no one wants to be handled, sometimes it's just about the release of emotions, the outpouring of passion, excitement and or emotional breakdowns which believe it or not, can be healthy. I've learned that crying is healthy and beneficial to your psyche.  It is a way to release whatever deep pain or sadness you may be experiencing. 

Have you cried, I mean really cried, the ugly cry, the cry that may last several minutes or longer, so long that it becomes extremely exhausting? Yet, you feel better afterwards, you feel lighter in a sense, something overcomes you and that overwhelming emotional outburst can either put you to sleep or create a space that centers you and gives you a moment to collect whatever it is they may have put you in that mindset, sometimes even calming you. Well it's okay, it's healthy and we shouldn't feel guilty about it or weak in any sense of the word which induces those emotions. We tend to be harder on ourselves than we need to be when it comes to our emotions, afraid of being judged by those that we call family or friends when the emotional outburst occurs. But if they're truly your friends and or family, those that love you through your ugly cry and your struggle in or around whatever hour it is, then you can be truthful and transparent with them whenever you feel the urge to simple shed tears during your expression of distress.

My truthful Tuesday is that every day is not a perfect day, I am not perfect, I struggle, yet I have to find something in me that pushes me to the next level, that reminds me that I have an obligation to myself first and then to others, I struggle at times, what is your Truthful Tuesday?