Friday, March 2, 2018

Women's History Month - Nevertheless She Persisted is really about every women who had to use her tenacity and courage to accomplish whatever she set out to accomplish. It's universal!

Think about our mothers and grandmothers, they've been persisting for a long time. We recognize our courage and commitment, as we continuously break down the barriers placed in front of us and are steadfast in fighting for what we believe in.

Today women make up 15% of active military, did you know that? Women are dominating film as producers, directors and writers. Women are taking initiatives within the business world and becoming the bosses, entrepreneurs and leading companies to victory.

Nevertheless She Persisted really is our rallying cry because we know that together, we can produce and deliver change, great change, new initiatives, ideas, opportunities while clearing the path for other women to follow. We have just begun.

#Sheshereforit #WomensHistoryMonthHHC #NeverthelessShePersisted

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