Thursday, March 1, 2018

Introduction: Women’s History Month, we all know that women should be celebrated more than one month right? I mean after all we are champions, aren’t we? The definition provided is Women’s History Month is a celebration of women while recognizing the incredible contributions we’ve made to our nation, our culture, our society and yes, I will include our communities. I am definitely here for it and do trust and believe we have given even more.  There’s always a theme for every month in which there’s some characteristic to a celebration, such as Black History Month, where the theme was African Americans in Times of War, where we made significant contributions and aided in a great manner, in addition to making many sacrifices. Women’s History Month this year's theme is “Nevertheless, She Persisted: Honoring Women Who Fight and fought All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. WOW, how apropos in this current climate in which we’re living, in the “Me Too” movement and women who continue to forge forward bringing attention to judgments and perceptions.

We as strong women refuse to be silent anymore, refuse to be ignored and refuse to be pushed aside; this is what it’s about. Being a woman, it's easy for me to comprehend the discriminations that our gender face on a daily basis, but despite the challenges we've endured throughout history, it's encouraging to see how far we've come in the past century and even more so in demonstrating the importance that our voices be heard. Often times, as women, we are perceived as vulnerable, which is comical to me because I believe we have to be vulnerable in order to find that power within us.

Being a strong woman means to me that I can, and will stand up for myself. It means that I am a fully-functioning human being, one who is independent and able to do things for herself. It means that I have opinions and beliefs that I stand for, and that I refuse to settle for anything less. It doesn’t mean that I don’t ask for help. I do, quite often. Asking for help doesn’t define me as fragile; it means I’m able to concede that I’m not a super woman, all alone mind you, and that I’m going to need other people, other superwomen, sometimes. Being strong doesn’t mean that I close myself off from others and act like I’m better than them. (Actually, I’m always striving to be better, live better, love better, which is about me rather than anyone else.) It doesn’t mean that I force my beliefs down other people’s throats, constantly judging others for how they think, that’s not me. It doesn’t mean that I’m ‘inevitably bitter or jaded’. In fact, a strong woman is a woman who loves herself and her world and is therefore positive, loving, and self-assured. Simply put, to be a strong woman simply means that I am grounded and confident in who I am. Let’s be real, how many times have you heard that strong women are too much, too intimidated, too jaded, miserable and bitter, nope not me.  I just have a backbone and I am proud of myself and others who are not afraid of being themselves in a world that might not support us the way in which we should be. During this women’s history month I will speak to my passionate, strong women who are not afraid of being who they are, point blank period.

"Here's to strong women everywhere, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them"

#Sheshereforit Women's History Month HHC

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